Secrets of Happy Retirement Life






Pinterest というサイトで、Minions というアニメのキャラが、意外にもリタイア世代向きの言葉を発しているのです。


「家にいる時は、なんでも言い放題さ。どうせ誰も聞いてなんかいないからネ。」 とか


「僕の脳は全く駄目。右(right)には何も正しい(right)事が入っていないし、左(left)には何も残っていない(nothing is left)
からね。」 とか。




この Minions というアニメは今とてもはやっているそうですが、全く知りませんでした。それと、この Pinterest というサイトにはいろいろな映像が入っているので、結構楽しめます。









Things that make you laugh:


The other day I found something interesting on the internet.


There is a site called Pinterest in which you can make your own bulletin board out of tons of pictures and photos they have. There I found animation characters called Minions. I was rather surprised to see that the Minions made some comments that would appeal to the generation in retirement.


They were saying something like:


“I can say anything I want at home because nobody listens to me anyway.”


“My brains are all wrong. The right one has nothing right in it, and in the left one there’s nothing left.”


They cracked me up.


I hadn’t known until then that Minions had been popular for sometime.


Pinterest is also worth looking into since there are so many pictures in it, you are bound to find something that interests you.


Nowadays you can find lots of stuff to laugh at anytime on the internet.


They say laughter is the best medicine. I read about a man who contracted a disease doctors considered incurable, laughed himself back to health in a matter of months.


I think I’m going to imitate Hotei and laugh more.