Secrets of Happy Retirement Life

体調管理 (Keeping Fit)

















Keeping Fit


Since retiring, I've had more time to do things I had not been able to do previously. I also feel more relaxed.


This relaxed feeling reached my body and loosened my muscles. Deep breathing was not enough to stay fit.


So I started to do more stretch exercises. I stand on my toes and pull my arms up and up to stretch my spine. This keeps me from shrinking - I don’t want to lose my height of 5’3” - and keep me from getting pains in my lower back like so many people do.


Another thing I do is acupressure massage, especially ear rubbing. This ear rubbing is supposed to prevent weakening of hearing and dementia.


One gentleman I know does daily exercises for about 20 minutes, including 100 pushups. I tried to exercise for 15 minutes one day, glaring at the clock every minute of the way. I could not repeat this torture again.


Well, I’ve never been athletic and I can’t change that now.


What do you do to keep fit?


Please write to me so I can introduce your method to my readers.


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