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深呼吸 (Deep Breathing)






















Deep Breathing


What can we do to stay well?


The answer is deep breathing. Why?


Our normal breathing is not so deep. Therefore there is always some stale air remaining in our lungs. Deep breathing expels it and brings in fresh air.


This brings about better circulation of blood and lymph resulting in strengthening of our immunity.


We use our diaphragm when we breathe deeply, which activates our intestinal movement and helps remove our wastes effectively.


Moreover, deep breathing helps regulate our autonomic nervous system.


When we are active, our sympathetic nerves take over, but when we deep breathe, parasympathetic nerves become dominant which relaxes us. That means we get less stressed out. Automatic dysfunction is one of the main causes of our modern illnesses.


Here is a way to breathe deeply.


First, slowly exhale through your mouth. Try to breathe out all the stale air in your lungs. Then breathe in through your nose. It usually takes twice as long to breathe out than to breathe in, because once your lungs become empty, air comes in quickly.


Deep breathing also helps you sleep well. Do try it several times a day.