Secrets of Happy Retirement Life


















Mr. Champagne


He is someone who is fully enjoying his life in retirement.


He and my sister have been friends since they were in Junior High School. He has been visiting us now and then, bearing gifts of excellent champagne, wine and all sorts of deli goodies.


I enjoy listening to him reminisce with my sister about the good old days, while feeling happy from the champagne. I also feel lucky being the youngest. There is a lot of stuff they talk about which I don’t know or remember.


He used to work for an airline and speaks several languages, having spent some time overseas. When he retired, he came to take piano lessons from my sister. After the lesson, he and my sister enjoyed talking over a few drinks. Eventually I was invited to join them.


I call him “Mr. Champagne” when my sister and I talk about him, because it’s an apt name for him. He enjoys his life to the fullest, playing golf, eating good food, drinking and smoking. His doctor has given up giving him advice since he never listens. He totally ignores the results of his check-ups. It seems that he fights off illnesses with his vigor and spirit.


“ Live an active life then go quickly” is his motto. My sister and I totally agree with him and try to live every day as happily as we can.