Secrets of Happy Retirement Life

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Nico & Gospel Chorus Company



Super Lady


Her name is Nico.


To me, she seems to be far more energetic now than when she was young. It could be because of my diminishing energy that I feel that way about her.


This year she semi-retired from the opera company she had been with and she has been spending most of her time and energy in leading a gospel-singing group of 52 members. Besides having concerts, she does charity performances, writing articles, and touring with the opera company when she is asked.


Nico is rather petite, but she looks much bigger on stage where she reveals her poworful voice and energetic piano-playing. It must be the result of her 40-year career as a performer.


Her mother who is called Nico-Mama by other members, turned 90 this year, still went on stage singing and dancing with the group, surprising everybody.


When I look at these gospel-singing people, I wonder why there is so much difference in the amount of energy each one of us possesses.