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A friend to stroll with


My sister has been suffering from lower back pain for sometime now. She tries to take a walk every day to reduce the pain.


There is a widow on the third floor above us whose husband passed away last year. She and my sister often have a stroll together. The lady is more then 10 years older than my sister and her sight and hearing are not as they used to be, but her curiosity surpasses that of my sister. They are both interested in nature in every sense, and they talk and stroll as long as their stamina allows.


My sister had spent many years with our mother before she passed away. She says this lady friend often does and says things which remind her of our mother, and she sometimes feels as if she were with our mother again.


They talk about the fauna and flora they come across while they stroll as well as what they had in their gardens long time ago.


My sister says it is a delight to receive her elder friend’s abundant knowledge during their time together.