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Opera Hour


My sister majored in voice in college and studied Italian arias.


Two years ago she happened to meet a lady who had lived in our neighborhood for many years. They were at a meeting and sat next to each other. During the course of their conversation, my sister found out that the lady was very fond of Italian opera.


“I never dreamed that I would find a new friend at my age,” they both said. From then on they started having “Opera Hour” every other week.


They are of the same generation and enjoyed Italian opera which was very popular when they were young. Mario del Monaco was very big in those days and both of them thought he was the best tenor of all time.


They would listen to the LP records and CDs of del Monaco while chatting about all kinds of things. After a few hours of this, the lady went home feeling totally refreshed.


My sister was very impressed with the lady’s knowledge of opera. The lady, on the other hand, was happy to be acquainted with someone who actually sang arias. She used to listen to my sister practice without knowing who the voice belonged to.


The lady and my sister had totally different backgrounds but came to find each other through their love of opera.


They haven’t had their favorite hours together for sometime, since the lady’s husband had a cancer operation a few months ago.


I sincerely hope these two friends will be able to get together again soon.