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そのライトの中で、8頭ほどのイルカが勢いよく 楽しそうに飛び跳ねたり回転したり、わざとボチャーンと水しぶきを上げてみたり、超特急で泳いだかと思うと、トレイナーを乗せて優雅に泳いだりと、15分のショーはあっという間に終わってしまいました。









Something New to Enjoy


My two grandchildren who live in California had their summer holiday in Japan.


My grandson is twelve and granddaughter, ten. The children, their mother and I went to the Aqua Park in Shinagawa last week to see the dolphin show.


We went to the show area half an hour before the show was scheduled to start. To our surprise the seats were completely full and the people seated at the first four rows already had on their blue plastic ponchos to take the splash.


So we sat down on the steps between the rows of seats and waited for the show to start.


Above the center of the pool was a circle of lights which cast downward lights like a waterfall, now and then changing into a whorl or a zigzag in dazzling colors. It was mesmerizing.


Within the lights, eight or so dolphins jumped and twirled and raced, sometimes with a trainer standing on their back.


The show only lasted 15 minutes. During that time us adults were busy taking photos and oohing at the same time.


After the show we went to have ice cream and shakes. We all enjoyed our afternoon.


It was very nice to know that I could still experience new fun at my age.