Secrets of Happy Retirement Life

想像の力 (Power of Imagination)

















Power of Imagination


I saw on TV a 95-year-old woman who just published a book containing her love letters she had written to her husband who died in World War II at the age of 27.


She met him for the first time at their wedding. They had been together only for 14 months before he was sent to war. Her husband sent her many postcards with beautiful sketches from battlefields.


One day she was looking out the window when the idea of writing to her husband came to her. She started to write to him about her thoughts and events of the day. Eventually she had accumulated five notebooks filled with those letters.


She said that she felt like she was still in her twenties when she wrote, and felt very happy while writing. When she said that, her smile was that of a young girl and was really lovely.


Her son happily reported that his mother had gotten younger and younger as she wrote those letters.


Human imagination creates inventions and discoveries. It can also cause happiness or despair.


After watching the program, I renewed my resolve to use my imagination to the fullest to make myself happy.