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食べる楽しみ (The Pleasure of Eating)



















The Pleasure of Eating


The word “appetite” makes me think of not only the desire to eat but also of the kinds and quantity of food involved.


But when I think of “the pleasure of eating”, I think more of the quality of food and not of its quantity.


As we get older, our taste buds become more refined. Also we become more health conscious and try to avoid certain kinds of food. Therefore we eat less but become more selective.


This dish of sweets in the photo delighted my eyes as well as my taste buds, and made me very happy. My sister who was with me at the time could not believe that I was enjoying eating ice cream and waffles both of which I usually do not eat.


Japanese and French cuisine are known for their beauty as well as their refined tastes. I have been fortunate enough to enjoy both in my life. And now I have come to enjoy this pretty but rather simple dish of sweets.


This made me realize that I can still find new happiness in my life.


And so can you!