Secrets of Happy Retirement Life

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また、2020年のオリンピックまで、一人でも多くの方が英会話がお出来になるようにと、「ベスト英会話レッスン」というサイトを立ち上げました。 サイトへとびます









Hello! My name is Kako.


Since my retirement last November, I’ve been spending time teaching English conversation online and having a free and easy life with my older sister in Yokohama.


After graduating from university in the US, I lived abroad for many years. Learning to paint in oil and meeting people from different countries were my precious experiences of that time.


Twenty years ago my husband passed away unexpectedly and I came back to Japan. After that, it became a great joy for me to teach English conversation at a school where working people came to learn. The school was abruptly closed last fall.


Thus came another unexpected turn in my life. This sudden retirement made me think and search what to do for the rest of my life. The most important thing for me now is to be happy. That is why I created this website.


I had my first experience with a computer when I was at the university in the US. But I’m still a beginner when it comes to computer skills. I spend a lot of time these days at my computer to absorb some of the monstrous amount of information and skills of the IT world.


I am hoping to hear from my readers about how they are spending their time in retirement.


Please write to me so I can introduce your stories and ideas to other readers.


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Thank you very much.